Executive and
Intergovernmental Affairs

Minister: Eva Aariak

About the Department

Minister: Eva Aariak
Deputy Minister of Executive: Daniel Vandermeulen
Deputy Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs:
Associate Deputy Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs: Joe Adla Kunuk

Tel: 867-975-6000
Fax: 867-975-6099

Mission Statement

The Department of Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs (EIA) provides leadership and management support to departments in their delivery of programs and services guided by the objectives set out in Tamapta: Building Our Future Together 2009-2013. EIA is also responsible for communicating the policies, objectives and accomplishments of the government, within the government itself, to Nunavummiut and to those outside the territory.

EIA provides advice and administrative support to Cabinet under the direction of the Premier. The Deputy Minister of Executive, who is Secretary to Cabinet, leads the Deputy Ministers Committee. This committee supports the coordination of interdepartmental initiatives, information sharing and internal consultation for government departments and agencies.

Public Documents

Tamapta Action Plan - The Government of Nunavut's mandate is focused on making improvements here in Nunavut while also increasing our influence and having a stronger presence in Canada and in other parts of the world. Together with our partners, as individuals, communities, and government, we can and will make a positive difference-implementing changes that lead to success and confidence.

The Government of Nunavut is fully committed to working toward the dream and vision of Nunavut. It is to honour and remember those who have come before us and to hold ourselves to a promise to those yet to be born.

Guiding Principles - Inuit have always lived in a harsh climate. Survivial is only achieved by working together on life skills and principles for living. Over the past ten years, our government has been guided by Inuit societal values, including those outlined in Pinasuaqtavut. We will continue to be guided by these princples from now into the future.

2013-2016 Business Plan - 2013-2016 Government of Nunavut Business Plan is the formal statement of the Government's goals for the next three years, including its Vision and Guiding Principles. The Business Plan articulates the strategic and operational priorities for each core business line of the government's departments and territorial corporations.

The Government of Nunavut’s Business Plan is made up of the strategic plans of ten departments, two territorial corporations, and the Office of the Legislative Assembly. The Business Plan is a strategic and operational plan, which provides a detailed background for the Government of Nunavut’s 2013-2014 Main Estimates.

2013-2014 Budget Address - Our vision is of a territory in which priorities are developed and prusued to maximize the use of the territory's fiscal resources in harmony with the principles of Inuit societal values and the expections of its citizens and where Nunavmmiut have meaningful choices for economic participation.